There’s no reason not to believe words have power. Words start and end wars. Words start and end romances. Words start and end sales.
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The single most damaging mistake made by marketing executives and business owners is attempting to “get by” with poorly written, amateur sales writing.



A good copywriter isn't expensive. A very good copywriter is FREE because he's using his skill to make lots of money for YOU by creating sales.

Hiring a cheap copywriter is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. Why? You'll waste time going back-and-forth on endless re-writes and the inevitable weak copy will result in lost sales.

Be smart: Pay for the services of a good copywriter.

WEAK copy annoys and bores your prospects. It also irreparably damages your reputation and causes you to lose a countless number of precious customers. You don’t want this, do you?

GREAT copy, in contrast, grabs even the most skeptical prospects… and whisks them away to the land of closed sales...

Result: PROFITS and WEALTH as you once dreamed!

So, what can YOU do to translate these dreams into reality?

Simple! Hire a copywriter equipped with the unique skill of creating POWERFUL direct sales copy for your brochures, sales letters, direct-response print ads and websites as well as indirect sales material such as annual reports, press releases and white papers.

But where on Earth do you get such assistance?

Options include:

  1. Hire an over-priced copywriter at one of the so-called "branded", multinational-type ad agencies.

    There, you'll be assured of decent English, a HUGE invoice, and NO GUARANTEE that the copy will trigger an avalanche of sales.

  2. Hire a very low-priced freelancer or small-ad agency writer who has no experience creating any verifiably successful sales copy.

    With this option, you’re not only running a high risk of losing sales, but the cost of repairing the damage is immeasurably many times more the “low” fee you paid this incompetent copywriter.

  3. Hire a moderately-priced sales-focused copywriter at a specialist copywriting agency, who gives YOU a GUARANTEE* that his writing will INCREASE your SALES.

    And if he doesn’t increase your sales, his agency will REFUND your payment or RE-WRITE your copy without charge.

If you selected #3, YOU’RE at the right site!!

You’re hiring our copywriter because you want to:


But how can you ensure that we actually DO have the skills to create ALL THE ABOVE for you?

It's simple: Why else would we be confident enough to offer our clients a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE* for creating direct sales copy while NO other agency out there offers anything similar?


Our copywriter also has the ANALYTICAL SKILLS to powerfully write “brain-heavy” copy such as annual reports, white papers, case studies, and news releases.

Do you want your company to produce an award-winning annual report?

We wrote the operational pages of the annual report of Singapore telecom operator StarHub, which won GOLD at the Singapore Corporate Awards 2006.

We can certainly put in the same level of skill and dedication into your annual report.


In hiring our copywriter, you are, in fact, hiring a salesman who is equipped with the UNIQUE skill of using the written word to convert readers into customers and prospects.

At any other creative agency, you’ll be hiring a copywriter who ONLY creates content!

So, whom would you prefer? A copywriter who GUARANTEES you more sales? Or one who merely gets you to hand over a big check, regardless of whether or not his copy works.

What gives us the GUTS to give YOU this GUARANTEE*?

Our Chief Copywriter, Raj Chotrani, has absorbed and integrated the skills and techniques of the world’s leading copywriting masters – geniuses such as John Carlton, Bob Bly, Dan Kennedy, Jonathan Kranz, Joe Sugarman, Joe Vitale, Robert Collier and Sue Hershowtz-Coore.

He has invested more than 1,100 hours intensely studying and mastering the techniques of these geniuses!

Raj has also been personally trained in the USA by ace copywriters John Carlton, Harlan Kilstein and David Garfinkel. These three ace writers are among the best in the world. John and David charge their clients a minimum US$30,000 and US$25,000 for a single ad, respectively. Not far behind, Harlan charges up to US$20,000.

So this means you’re getting the skills (well, to a large extent at least) and techniques of these geniuses at a fraction of what you have to pay them, by working with Raj.

Can any other copywriter in Asia show even an iota of such commitment to your business?

*Terms and Conditions apply

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