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Tell us about your project. Send us a copy or a sample of your text and/or design as an e-mail attachment or fax (+65-6785-0325), to help us understand your requirements. This is a complimentary service. We promise all samples will be kept strictly confidential.

Please include the following:
1. The objectives and outline of the project;
2. Audience or targeted readership;
3. The date you will be able to provide us with the needed material for us to start on the project; and
4. Number of words or pages required

The single most important asset a skilled copywriter can possess is the ability to write words that create increased value for your business. At Analytical Insights, our TEAM is comprised purely of carefully selected editors, an analyst, and a copywriter who EXCEL in this area!

Be WARY of copywriters offering "bargain basement" pricing. While we do expect our clients to shop for reasonably competitive rates, increasing the value of your business is NOT a goal that should be entrusted to the lowest bidder.

If you value long-term RESULTS over the prospect of saving a short-term few dollars, then consider that we pride ourselves on working HARDER than anyone else in the industry to create powerful copy for our clients – beginning with extensive research, continual self-editing, refinement of copy, personalized meetings with our clients, and more!

Our goal is to earn YOU a SUBSTANTIAL return on your investment in OUR services. Sure, you might find places that save you a few dollars, but you'll EARN so much less -- that it simply doesn't pay!

If you’re key criterion for selecting a copywriter is price and price only, we’re very unlikely to be the right team for you. This is because a prospect who evaluates and selects purely on price doesn’t value good copywriting.

If you place high importance on the value of good copywriting, we’re the people you’d like to work with.

Good copywriting plays an important part in driving your business forward and Analytical Insights would love to be your chauffeur.

Click here to for more information on what it takes to create high-value sales copy.

For indirect sales copy (annual reports, white papers, feature articles, case studies, speeches, non-transactional Web sites, etc.), please fill in and email the form below:


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For direct sales copy (sales letters, brochures, catalogs, direct-response print ads, transactional Web sites, etc.), please fill in and email the form below:






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2. What types of customers do you presently have?

3. Who do you want...
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Current Marketing and Sales Activity

4. Please rank, in order, the sales and marketing activities that take the most time and/or cost the most money each month. Start with the largest.


5. Which activities are the most effective now in terms of return on investment?


6. How do you know?

7. Which activities are the least effective now in terms of return on investment?

8. How do you know?

9. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1= not ready, 10 = ready right now), how ready are you to invest in a customer-generating marketing system that will lower your marketing costs and increase the growth of your business?

If a question truly does not apply to your business, feel free to skip it. Your information is confidential.

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